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    If you are interested to purchase FriENDi Mobile SIM Pack, CALL/SMS/WhatsApp: +601111105014

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    Each SIM Card price: RM5.30(Including SST)+RM7.35(Pos Laju/Express)=Total RM15.35(Included Handling Fees)

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    We are FRiENDi Mobile Dealer and We also do easy reload and recruit agents. *Jika anda berminat menjadi Ejen Reload, Yuran Pendaftaran seumur hidup RM30

    -Untuk RM35 anda dapat 2 Akaun Easy Reload dari 2 Syarikat yang dapat akeses untuk reload untuk lebih 40 prepaid serta pembayaran bil utility dll. & 1 SIM Pack berisi RM30/=

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So, what is the secret of successful FRiENDi Mobile? First of all, it is its friendliness – both for the ’s owner and for his or her future targeted users. UX and UI are not just empty phrases for us. It is very important for us that the user could understand correctly the message your project’s trying to say to him or her. But, correct giving of the information is just a half of success.

SKSLink Mobile Telecommunications

Ejen Reload Prepaid & Topup Agents Wanted

Easy Reload Prepaid Topup Agents Wanted! SMS/Call: 014-303-6699/0111-6093-879 YURAN PENDAFTARAN HANYA RM30 SEUMUR HIDUP Dapat SMS report transaksi dan WEB SERVER Support customer service 12jam/hari dari 7pg-10mlm Cepat, pantas, dan tepat Boleh control webserver sendiri dengan mudah Dapat topup dan bayar bill postpaid guna atau WEBSERVER Format sms mudah menggunakan HP, WEBSERVER, ANDROID APP =>Dapat topup dan bayar bill postpaid guna HP, WEBSERVER, ANDROID APP

  • Number Reload:

  • Kredit Percuma RM30

    Ingin berjimat setiap bulan? Beralihlah ke FRiENDi mobile dan kekalkan nombor semasa anda. Nikmati pelbagai faedah seperti panggilan dan SMS PERCUMA, IDD serta internet mudah alih pada kadar terendah dan pelbagai ganjaran setiap bulan!

  • 60 Days Validity Period

    Using your phone means extending your validity! Make a call, send an SMS or surf the Internet - everything works. How's that for savings and convenience?


  • Pakej IDD+Tempatan

    Sudah lama tidak berhubung dengan rakan-rakan anda? Tanya khabar mereka dan nikmati perbualan tanpa henti sama ada dalam atau luar negara dengan pakej IDD+Tempatan kami pada hanya RM12 untuk 2 minggu! Dail *118# untuk melanggan

  • Surf and Call Home

    When times are difficult, remember your family will always be there for you. Keep in touch all the time by making video and voice calls, or just SMS them with our IDD bundle from only RM12 for 2 weeks!


    Kenapa bayar lebih jika anda boleh berjimat setiap bulan? Dengan FRiENDi Airbag, selepas penggunaan tempatan anda mencapai RM24.99 setiap 30 hari, anda akan menikmati minit panggilan dan SMS tempatan PERCUMA!

    FREE Call & SMS? YA! Jika anda telah menggunakan RM24.99 anda anda akan panggilan dan SMS percuma.

  • O Caj Panggilan dan SMS

    Bagaimana dengan perbelanjaan bulanan anda bagi panggilan dan SMS bulan ini? Jika anda tidak berpuas hati, pastikan anda mengaktifkan FRiENDi Airbag! Had bulanan ialah RM24.99 dengan langganan data atau pakej IDD. FREE Unlimited Call dan SMS to all Network.

Kredit Percuma RM30
Unexpiry Lifetime|60 Days Validity Period
Pakej IDD+Tempatan
Surf and Call Home
O Caj Panggilan dan SMS
Percuma RM5 Selama 6 Bulan dan Setiap Reload RM20

Progress Since 2004

In our work we try to use only the most modern, convenient and interesting solutions.
We want you accessed only unique and new for such a long time as it is possible.

# Product Company Value 1 Value 2 Value 3
1 Rewarding Online Companies Installations Surveys Multi Platform
2 Forex Eastablish Own Company Brokerage & Affiliation Multi Platform International Platform
3 SRS Tech Reload and Bill Payment Life Time Registration Downline Branch Commission System More than 1++ services
4 Pharmacy Pharmacy FavStore Free Sample/Trial 60 Days Money Back Guarantee WorldWide Shipping

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Call/SMS(10a.m.-10p.m.): +60 11111 05014 -WhatsApp 24/7
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